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Day 6 – Prompted by Sympathy for the Devil by The Rolling Stones

April 21, 2012


Sympathy for the Devill



You’re driving through town on a brittle Saturday morning, following a dirty white van which surprisingly doesn’t have “clean me” wittily etched in the grime.  There’s a sticker on the bumper: “Hows my Driving?”  Your jaw aches.

A greengrocer is making the final adjustments to his display.  The air is warm.  It will be a fine day.  Handwritten notices perkily declaim the costermonger’s wares in chalk on black boards.  “Potato’s”, “Cauli’s”, “£1 for too kilo’s”.

You stop your car at the kerb, lock up carefully and stroll over to the smiling shopkeeper.

“Mornin’ Sir!” he beams “What can I get for you?” he gestures towards the heaping piles of carrot’s, peaches’ and bananana’s.

After a frenzied attack, which leaves the pavement and the produce liberally punctuated with slick semi-colons and commas of dark blood, you walk away, satisfied that grammar rules.


Link:  Greengrocer’s Apostrophe


  1. intense! my two favorite lines: a brittle Saturday morning, and: semi-colons and commas of dark blood

  2. That was Twisty!! I usually don’t like things written in the second person, but this was an exception.

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