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Day 4 – Prompted by Start Me Up by The Rolling Stones

April 16, 2012

Start Me Up by the Rolling Stones

You Can Get Almost Anything on the Internet

Remote Controller Button

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“Start me up, baby,” he says without moving his eyes from the TV.

Fucking hilarious.  Droning racing cars make lap after meaningless lap, as the spring sunshine struggles to penetrate the drawn curtains.  His T-shirt reads Love Machine.

Debbie brings him a beer from the kitchen, trying not to notice the motorcycle in pieces by the back door.  He’s suckling on the bottle as she heads out to the shed.

There’s every kind of tool here (except for the one in the lounge, Debbie jokes to herself)  She cannot name them all.  It doesn’t matter, she opens her laptop and begins to search.

It takes a few hours until she’s got the basics, a couple of days til the parts she’s ordered are delivered, but by the evening of the third day, everything’s in place.  It isn’t hard to get him to come to the shed.  She says she needs help.  And she giggles.

Light burns in the shed til dawn, when she steps out, removing her welding mask and gloves.  She takes a small black box with three red buttons from her pocket.  She turns to the open door and presses the middle button.

With the faintest electronic whirr he follows her through the door.

“Start me up, baby,” he says without moving his lips.

  1. I have had this song stuck in my head for weeks! Brilliant song and a lovely story. It didn’t go where I was expecting it too, nice work.

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